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Project MetaData

Project / Country
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Expected Leadtime (weeks)
AML / AVL if yes, please put AML Name and reference
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Application - Service

Pressure (with unit)
Temperature °C

Valve's Construction Details

Commodity Code
Tag Number
Piping Class
ISO 15156-3/NACE MR0175 (H2S sour gas)
Pressure container
- Equivalence Class Ansi PN Bar Schedule
Ends Connections
Body Material
Bonnet Material
Api600 Trim or fill hereafter
Ball-disc-Wedge Material
Ball - Wedge design
Cavity Filler
Seats Material
Seats Design
Body Seal
Shaft Material
Shaft design

non-rising-rotating stems Low P/T cast iron / Rising Stem High P/T

Shaft Extension Y/N

From -196ºC to -80ºC: Extended Bonnet Cryo design
From -79ºC to -56ºC: Non-Extended Bonnet Cryo design
From -55ºC to +249ºC: Standard Non Cryo design


Fugitive Emission
Bolting Material
Packing grease mechanism
No / Yes
Emergency Sealant Injection
No / Yes

Vent Plug tack welded

No / Yes
Drain Plug tack welded
No / Yes
Bypass valve for pressure
No / Yes


Differential Pressure (bar or psi !)
Locking Device (Y /N)
Locking device Y/N
Piquage if Yes, please fill

Painting Requirement

Example of approved supplier for oil & Gs painting
Carboline Global - Coatings
Chugoku Marine Paints
Hempel Coatings
International Paint Protective Coatings AkzoNobel
Jotun Coatings
PPG Industries
Final Color
acc to RAL 840 HR Yellow - RAL 1003 • Black - RAL 9005 • Red - RAL 3001...

Non Destructive Examination / Testing / Inspection

Radiography Testing X-ray (RT)
RT Image Quality Indicators
RT Examination qty

Impact Test UorV Joules & T°C
Resilience - Charpy
Low Temperature Impact test
Yes / No
Ultrasonic Testing (UT) Y/N
Positive Material Identification (PMI)
spectrograph Y/N
Magnetic Particle Testing MPI
ASTM E709 - 08 / Yes-No
Liquid Penetrant Inspection (LPI)
Test ressuage Yes / No
ATEX 94/9/CE marking
Group I (mines, methane and/or combustible dusts)
Group II (potentially explosive atmospheres or gas/air
or dust/air mixtures, mist of vapours)
Category 2
Pressure Test
Pressure Test Sampling
test du couple de manoeuvre
specify dP
test anti-statique
Third Party inspection


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NOT IN QUESTIONNAIRE : Additionnal certificate we can provide on request after clarifications 
C010 - Material Certificate to EN 10204-3.1
C020 - Material Certificate to EN 10204-3.2
C021 - Test Certificate Type 3.2
C022 - Test certificate Type 2.1
C030 - Mat Cert to BS EN10204-2.2 Non-Specific
C030- Test Certificate Type 2.2
C040 - Mat Cert to BS EN10204-2.3 Specific
C040 - Test certificate Type 2.3
C050 - Material Certificate to API 5-C-T
C050 - Test Certificate API 5CT SR15
C051 - Dynamic Balance Cert to ISO1940 G1
C052 - Dynamic Balance Cert to ISO1940 G2.5
C053 - Dynamic Balance Cert to ISO1940 G6.3
C060 - COC to NACE MR-01-75
C060 - COC TO NACE MR0175 Material Requirements
C070 - Material Certificate
C100 - Hydro test report
C100 - Proof Pressure Test Certificate
C101 - Control valve hydrotest to ANSI/FCI 70-2
C102 - Control Valve gas test to ANSI/FCI 70-2
C110 - Valve Seat Leak Test Certificate
C110 - Valve Seat 'Leak' Test Report
C115 - Body Gas Test Report
C116 - Valve hydrostatic test report body/bore
C117 - Valve gas test report body/bore
C118 - Valve Back Seat Test Report API 598
C119 - Valve Low pressure closure test API 598
C120 - Functional/Performance Test Report
C120 - Functional/Performance test report
C121 - PSV Test Report to API 527/API576
C130 - Fire Certificate to API RP6FA/6FC
C130 - Fire Test Certif. to BS 6755 / API RPA6F
C140 - Drift test certificate
C140 - Drift Test Certificate To ISO / API
C141 - Premium Thread COC
C142 - Torque Turn Charts
C200 - Calibration Certificate - Manuf'ers Std.
C200 - Calibration certificate to Manf Std
C210 - Calibration Certificate - ISO 5167 STD.
C210 - Calibration certificate to ISO5167
C220 - Calibration Certificate - UKAS Standard
C220 - Calibration certificate to UKAS 
C221 - Wake Frequency calc ASME PTC 19.3
C222 - Safety Integrity report IEC61508/61511
C230 - Test Certificate to BS 1042(Part 1.2)
C300 - ATEX CE Declaration
C300 - BASEEFA Certificate or Equivalent
C310 - BEAMA/AEMT Certificate of Conformity
C400 - Lifting Equipment Proof Test Certificate
C400 - Lifting Proof Test certificate
C401 - Certificate of Test of Wire Rope
C401 - Wire rope test certificate
C410 - Thorough Examination Certificate
C410 - Thorough Examination Certificate
C500 - Welding Procedures / Qualifications
C500 - Welding Procedures and Qualifications
C510 - Welders Qualifications
C510 - Welders Qualifications
C511 - Welding Records
C520 - NDT Reports
C520 - Non-Destructive Examination Reports
C530 - NDT Operator Qualifications
C530 - NDT Operators Qualifications
C540 - Heat Treatment Reports
C540 - Heat Treatment Reports
C541 - Hardness Test Report
C542 - Assembly Traceability Report
C543 - Dimensional Report 
C570 - Hydraulic cleanliness report 
C600 - Certificate of Conformity
C610 - C.O.C. Issued By Certifying Authority
C620 - Certificate of Compliance with BS EN360
C622 - CE Declaration EC89/336/EECEMC
C623 - CE Declaration to applicable directive
C630 - Coating Reports
C630 - Coating reports
C640 - Cenelec
C650 - Nemko
C660 - NEK EN
C670 - IEC
C680 - CE-(marked)
C690 - Norsok
C700 - ICB Design Appraisal SI913
C700 - Independent Design Review Certificate
C710 - TOTAL Inspection Release Note
C710 - Total Inspection Release Note
C720 - 'Third Party' Inspection Release Note
C730 - Certifying Authority Inspn. Release Note
C730 - ICB Release Note SI913
C731 - ICB Build Appraisal SI913
C732 - ICB record /exam/survey of repaired equipment
C800 - Equipment Dossier
C810 - COSHH - Safety Datasheet
C810 - COSHH Data Sheets
C820 - SOLAS - Certificate of Conformity
C830 - Certificate of Composition/Analysis
C830 - Composition / Analysis Certificate
C900 - A Formal Quality Plan is required
C910 - Factory Acceptance Data Book
C910 - Product Data Book
C911 - Operations & Maintenance Manual